Children’s music makes grocery store stopping tantrum-free

My daughter is two. I won’t use the word that frequently goes before that number but it is clear to anyone who meets her that she is most definitely two. I also have three other kids. So in order to keep us all alive and fed I routinely have to do the grocery shopping with the two youngest in tow.

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I basically have two options with Little Miss Two at the grocery store to avoid the on the floor tantrum:

1. Let her eat her way through the store 2. Let her walk

Now one seems like a good idea until you are changing the diapers of a two year old who ate a pint of grape tomatoes in the store or trying to clean chocolate icing off of every inch of her body with the one wipe you have left. So I generally let her walk. Most of the time she is good enough. Stays next to me, says “Hi” to everyone, gets the items from the bottom shelf. However lately there has been a lot of throw herself on the floor until she gets what she wants (I blame sleep disturbances from molars and taking away her paci).

That’s where Ralph Covert comes in. He’s the kiddie rock sensation on “Ralph’s World“. What you didn’t know there was a kiddie rock genre, let alone a sensation? Oh yes, kids music has come a long way. It’s not the same repetitive nursery rhymes sung sickeningly sweet again and again, but fun and original tunes that you can seriously rock out to. We’re big fans of Ralph and the two year old has become a super fan of his Marching Medley. It’s a mashup of Ants Marching and some other marching tunes and has an ending that was clearly for live performances, it goes:

Marching, Marching..... Marching Marching  Hop, Hop, Hop. Hop, Hop. Hop.  Running, Running, Running.... Running, Running, Running.  Now we STOP! Now We STOP!

Repeat times three.

It’s her favorite and she sings it over and over again. It’s also now how we get through the grocery store. I push the cart and sing as we march, then bunny-hop, then “run” and STOP! Always stopping conveniently where I need to.

I’m sure we are quite entertaining to all who see us but it gets the job done with fewer tears. I’ll take looking a little silly to save my sanity and make a chore that is hard on both of us easier.

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