How to make sure dogs and kids interact safely

Dogs and kids fit together like peas and carrots, if the peas sometimes ate the carrots, and the carrots sometimes pulled the peas’ hair. What happens when pets and children come face to face? Is it the dog owner’s responsibility to keep the dog away from the child? The parent’s responsibility to keep the child from the dog? Both? Neither? The Dads investigate.

Matt is too cheap to take his kid to the zoo, so he takes her to the dog park, where she mostly has fun, and is occasionally almost mauled. Todd, a dog owner, works to keep his pet in check when dogs are near. D.M., who owns the last not-fixed dog not in a dogfight pen or on a breeding farm, gives parents one warning, then lets nature take its course.

Most dog owners seem very polite about the issue, though that Dads estimate that at least one percent of dog owners will let their pet eat your child and then yell at you for messing up the doggie’s diet. Any way you slice it, Matt needs to pop for zoo passes.

We want to hear from you! Upon whom does the onus rest regarding child vs. dog safety? The dog owner? The parent? Let us know your thoughts below or send us on e-mail!

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