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Click here to view our video interview with Mr. Furry Fur Fur.

If you find Mr. Furry Fur Fur, a 4-year-old raccoon, digging through your trash, it’s only because he doesn’t want anything to go to waste. This earth-conscious omnivore loves to explore and protect the environment and wants you and your children to do the same. Catch him and his friendly earth friends from Sunny City on environmental adventures in his first DVD or at his Web site, www.mrfurryfurfur.com.

Why do think it’s important to protect and love the earth, Mr. Furry Fur Fur?:"I think that when it’s clean and pretty, it’s much more fun to enjoy. I don’t like it when it’s dirty and you can’t breathe. The most important thing is this is our home and this is where we live.”

What do you do to protect and love the earth?:"I use a lot of old things and make them into new stuff. I find an old piece of carpet and drag it into my tree house. And I recycle and I plant seeds.”

Tell us about your new DVD:"We have a lot of little stories—they’re called tiny tales—and then we have one big story called"Tree’s Birthday.” One very fun thing is that we dance. There’s lots of good music on my DVD because I have very talented musicians working on it, uhm hmm.”

What do you hope kids will learn from watching you and your friendly earth friends on your new DVD?:"I hope that they learn to be nice to each other and to their animal friends and to be nice to the flowers, and, you know, don’t step on them and appreciate the earth.”

What tips do you have for kids who want to protect the earth?:"OK, when you aren’t in a room, turn off the lights, turn off electric things when you’re not using them… and recycling—and if you can, help plant trees and flowers because those are pretty.”

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