Punk-rock babies at Kidzapalooza

If you’re planning to visit Kidzapalooza in August, let your kids start growing their hair out now so there’s something for the punk rock hair stylists to work with, says Tor Hyams, co-founder of the festival. And don’t forget ear plugs for the kids; it’s a kids’ fest, but the music is loud.

“We don’t dumb it down for the kids. We have a legitimate stage with loud music, but good loud music,” says Hyams. When major rock stars play the kids’ stage, parents can get an upclose view at the family mosh pit.

“The cool thing for mom and dad is, the parents know who the stars are, and they can have an intimate experience with some of their favorite rock stars,” Hyams says.

Kidzapalooza is designed for kids 4-9, and this year they’ll be able to create their own rap and take home a CD of the song or do video karaoke and see themselves on camera. Make sure they’re ready to drum because every imaginable drum is available to play in the Drum Zone. There’s also a hip-hop workshop, punk rock hairdos and temporary tattoos.

“It’s not the type of place where you go and look at your watch while your kids do arts and crafts,” Hyams says. “This is an interactive family festival, not an interactive kids’ festival.”

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