The most fall-tastic pumpkin spice indulgences in Chicago

It’s autumn, which means if you haven’t already indulged in at least 103 pumpkin spice somethings, you are doing the season all wrong. Take a cue from the rest of the known world, and give the ubiquitous flavor of fall a try with our fave pumpkin spice treats in Chicago.

Pumpkin patch latte

Ipsento Coffee (2035 N. Western Ave., Chicago)

Drinking Ipsento’s rich, gorgeous, painstakingly crafted pumpkin patch latte feels a lot like falling in love. Don’t be scared; this kind of love just might mean a seasonal addiction to made-from-scratch lattes created with actual pumpkin, sweetened condensed milk and local Jo Snow syrup. Why would you ever chain yourself to Starbucks with Ipsento in your backyard, Chicagoans?

Pairs well with: Going to a corn maze

Pumpkin spice macaron

Alliance Bakery (1736 W. Division St., Chicago) and Alliance Patisserie (615 N. State St., Chicago)

Finally, something the French and the Americans can agree on. This American-flavored French delicacy is an unconventional hybrid that has become a tradition at Alliance. And boy, are we glad. The white chocolate-ganache, pumpkin-puree filling comes alive with a kick of fresh cinnamon, clove and nutmeg. This bite-sized treat is the only pick-me-up you’ll need on any given autumn afternoon.

Pairs well with: Jumping in leaves or playing football in the yard

Pumpkin spice candle

Waxman Candles (3044 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago)

What says autumn more than a deliciously scented candle burning in your home? These handcrafted candles are made in-store, and the scent you’ll have wafting through your home is a combination of Waxman’s ever-popular apple spice, pumpkin and spice scents. These artisan candles will last you all season long, which means months of pumpkin spice-y goodness.

Pairs well with: Reading a book and cozying up

Pumpkin patch cupcake

Sugar Bliss Cake Boutique (115 N. Wabash, Chicago)

Pumpkin spice cravings might typically be reserved for the adult latte-drinkers in the room, but this cupcake will have kids itching for fall. Sugar Bliss starts with pumpkin cake, dollops it with cream cheese frosting and then dusts the whole decadent dessert with cinnamon. As if that weren’t enough to make our mouths water, the cupcake is dotted with sugary pumpkin mallows.

Pairs well with: Pumpkin picking on the farm

Pumpkin breakfast bread

Bennison’s Bakery (1000 Davis St., Evanston)

The family is coming over for the holidays, and you desperately want a festive, hearty option that you know will be a crowd pleaser. You can’t do better than a Bennison family recipe for savory and sweet pumpkin breads, including pumpkin breakfast bread and pumpkin sourdough. The bakery has been perfecting its craft since 1938, which means you’re a few bucks away from soft, crumbly pumpkin perfection every fall.

Pairs well with:  Hosting big family dinners and trying to impress the in-laws

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