Printshop2.0 publishing software makes family cards and newsletters a breeze

The good: Send homemade greeting cards without the glue goop and glitter clumps

Recommended for: Families who spend too much at Hallmark.

Printshop2.0, a redesigned desktop publishing software, lets you create everything from invitations and greeting cards to labels and business cards. Installing the software was a snap. There is a variety of ready-made templates and wizards that guide you quickly through a project. I had no problems importing my own photos to create one-of-a-kind designs. The calendar feature allows you to make personalized photo calendars that any grandparent would love. Custom-made birthday cards can be made in minutes and flyers for the next bake sale at school will never look better.

Where to buy: Most stores that sell software, or online The Printshop (.99), Printshop Deluxe (.99), and Printshop Professional (.99).

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