Kids draw the President

I always think it’s interesting to see just how much kids are absorbing and understanding about the world around them, especially during big events like the election. After our office saw the video of four-year-old Abigael Evans crying about the amount of presidential election coverage she’d been drowning in, I had an idea. I wondered what some of the local four-year-olds were hearing and understanding about the presidential race.

On Thursday, Nov. 1 I visitedFirst United Church Nursery School in Oak Park to see what a few kids knew about POTUS. I started out by asking if they knew what a president was and was pleasantly surprised by their answers. In general, they knew the names “Barack Obama” and “Mitt Romney”, and they knew a president was important.

After a couple of questions back and forth and explaining why an election is important, I showed them some pictures of past presidents and then asked if they’d like to help me with an activity. Five students were asked to draw the President with his family at their house. Since the students had just tried drawing their own self-portraits in class, I asked the other five students to draw themselves as president in the house they would live in if they were the leader of the free world.

As is usual with kids, these drawings are adorable and I hope you find them to be a good break from election stress. Enter the slideshow full screen and make sure you have the info and captions showing to read their answers to some of my election questions.

Thank you to the students, staff and parents at First United Church Nursery School. It was so much fun to visit your classroom for a day.

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