Pray for Me!

I’m doing it. It might cause laryngitis, diarrhea, baldness, memory loss, white rage, paranoia, uncontrollable twitches, blackouts, drooling or worse, a bear attack. But in the end I’ll be a stronger, better man/husband/father. Believe me, I’ve thought it through and I’m convinced it’ll end in either a positive or negative way… I’m leaning toward the latter. Some will call me stupid, others, a hero, but I promise I won’t let that define me. Rather I’ll take solace in the fact that I’ll have just accomplished something only a few brave people are even willing to consider…….. I’m taking Lucy and Ruby on a 6 hour road trip from Chicago to Saginaw (Gulp!) BY MYSELF!

That’s right, along with Jim nerves of steel Noonan, the rear of the car will be occupied by Lucy an inquisitive backseat driver and Ruby a notorious car screamer. In what audiences everywhere are sure to label as a feat of human endurance. In fact I’m typing this with my nose while doing push-ups.

I ask that you think about us as we travel through the elements of I-94 and beyond. Think about the endangered pygmy hippos of Malaysia. Think about the lack of Count Chocula cereal in your local grocer. Think about the possible staging of NASA’s moon landing. Broaden your minds and think. Think of all those times you said “I can’t.” Then just before you attempt that goal, I want you to picture a man, in a car, on the side of the road. He has tears pouring down his face and pounding his fist into the steering wheel and screaming,

“I can’t do this! I’m not that strong. Lord, please have mercy on my soul.”

Then get your butt back inside and reserve the right to keep some of those “I can’ts” unfulfilled. There is reason why you didn’t do those things before, quite frankly their unrealistic. I’m doing this to prove a point, too help mankind. I have no doubt that my journey will end in just the manner I’ve described. I drive for you. I drive for reference. I drive so that the next time a family member asks me to bring the kids up for a family reunion on a weekday, I can respond, “I can’t.”

Pray for me.

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