Plan for Spring Break fun

Plan a family game night

Checking out a board game from the library’s collection allows your family to play something new without adding to the sea of games in your basement. Have a movie marathon for free. Most libraries have classics, new releases, documentaries, foreign films and even exercise videos.

Learn something new

Common STEM kits to rent at the library include physics-based activities, such as circuit building, and astronomy kits (many even have telescopes).

Get creative

Did you know about all of the strange stuff you potentially can check out from a library? It includes musical equipment and instruments (guitars, drums, microphones), technical equipment (camcorders, digital cameras), sewing machines, fishing poles, umbrellas, early literacy kits and even seeds. 

Hold a reading challenge

No matter how many times my family visits the library, it’s still a treat to come home with an armload of books. 

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