What dads think about eating the placenta

Last week, Chicago Parent posted an article in which a Chicago Doctor reacted to the apparent trend of mothers eating the placenta following their child’s birth. This week, the Dads react to the psychological, dietary, and culinary implications of chowing on afterbirth.

WDP18: Placenta Polenta by ChicagoParent

Eating placenta is SO a thing right now, and you are missing it. WDP’s Todd Jay thought ahead and brought a Coleman grill into the delivery room, so he got a fresh placenta with grill marks and much of the fat drained away. D.M. doesn’t even know why he bothered to cook it when it’s that fresh. Them’s good eatin’.

Matt Rocco ponders what could make a placenta “Chicago Style”. D.M. Engel suggests that it’s deep dish, Todd thinks it is hot and wet, like a beef. (Then he begs for this conversation to stop.) Matt says he’d like his placenta “dragged through the garden” – with the sport peppers and the celery salt and all.

Then the Dads go after the placenta gourmands of the world, citing that any vitamins available in eating a chunk of your baby could easily be found at avitaminstore – happily available to humans, even if bears and sharks need to find their B6 elsewhere.

According to the doc, the placenta is a filter – the Dads contemplate eating a filter, particularly in big cities, where all filters are extra filthy. (As is everything else.)

Next, our hosts fire up the WDP Judge-O-Matic and try and decide what motivates the people who eat their kids placentas. The verdict: They are attention wh@&es and a$$es.

Engel assures the audience that the number of people actually eating placenta is minimal, and Matt goes after proponents of so-called “non-Western medicine.” Then the placenta recipes start to come out. Todd says that Matt would love Placenta Polenta because he’d eat ANYTHING on polenta, and D.M. says he couldn’t stop his wife from doing anything birth related, even if he wanted to. Also bandied about is the terribly apropos “placenta clam soup”, placenta ceviche, and placenta jerky.

Finally, the Dads make a couple of Cubs cracks, because, hey, why not? Next week, the Dads hope to get Alpana Singh. To recommend wine pairings.

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