Why you can’t miss Pivot Arts Festival this year

Improv in an ice cream shop? Puppets on a playground?

Sounds like a pretty sweet start to summer, if you ask us.

Both events are part of the Pivot Arts Festival, a 10-day extravaganza of performance art for all ages. So while grownups enjoy tapas and hip-hop or a performance art house dance party, the littles among us get their own fun, creative events to kick off summer on the right foot.

On June 4, take part in a free puppet-making workshop, then show them off as you march in the Celebrate Community! parade. The parade ends up at the Swift School playground, where Alternatives/Uplift, Ascension Dance, CircEsteem, Dream Big, Everybody Dance Now, L’il Buds Theatre and Merry Music Makers put on a pretty epic show. (And if you need additional incentive, Lickity Split Custard& Sweet Shop and Lovely Bake Shop will be providing refreshments.)

The next week, June 10, join our friends from Storytown Improv for an interactive–and fully improvised!–adventure at Lickity Split ($10). You never know what tale your kids’ creative minds will spin, but you can be assured that your kids will be begging for a Crazy Cake Concrete before you go home. (Custard + cupcake + sprinkles? Can’t say we blame them.)

And here’s hoping all that creative energy will be funneled into your kids’ playtime for the next couple of months, at least. You might want to start practicing your standing ovations, just in case.

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