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Remember the bulletin board you had speckled with interestingmagazine articles, photos of places you wanted to visit, a recipefor zucchini-nut muffins and a few swatches of fabric you chose tore-cover your old sofa? That’s Pinterest…almost.

Pinterest is a virtual idea board. The free site allows you tocollect swatches, photos, articles and ideas from the Internet andput them on a virtual board. You can pull all your ideas on oneboard, or create a collection of boards, each with its owntheme.

Even more unique is that Pinterest is a social network. You canshare your boards and even link your Pinterest account to Facebook.Once you pin an idea to your board, others can see what you’vepinned and re-pin (similar to reposting) if they want to. Pinnedphotos or articles are linked back to their original source, whichallows for even more networking.

How can a family use Pinterest? Create your free account andthen get the whole family involved in finding fun ideas for thefollowing projects:

Create boards to help you break the monotony of familymealtimes. Find school lunch ideas, nutritious snacks, gluten-freerecipes and crock pot suppers, then use your Pinterest account as ago-to meal planner.


Rev up family meals

Let kids find bedding ideas, color schemes andorganizational bins they like and pin them to a board for theirdream room. Or get the whole family involved around a family room,and find fun ideas for recreational spaces, colors, lighting,furniture and playthings.

children room

Decorate a room

Collect inspiring stories or photos about a cause that isimportant to your family and build a board of awareness. Add yourown photos or links to local articles about a nonprofitorganization you support to get your message out and inspireothers.

happy heart held high

Good Causes

Find crafts, activities and projects perfect for a rainyday. Then, when the skies get cloudy, you’ll be ready with some funprojects.


Rainy day ideas

Looking for a cool cake? Fun school treats? Tabledecorations? You’ll find pirate, pony and princess-themed partyideas on Pinterest.

Group of children (6-10) wearing costumes and blowing out candles on birthday cake

Aren’t sure what to do this summer? Create a board aroundinteresting sites and activities in a particular state you’ll visit(kitschy restaurants, a historical monument, campgrounds, a beachor lake you hope to jump in).


Vacation plotting

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