Celebrate Pi Day with a slice

Unless you’re a mathematician, you probably haven’t given the number Pi much thought since high school. But every year on March 14 – 3.14, of course – we embrace the seemingly never-ending number (it’s been calculated to 67,000 digits!).

There’s no better way to celebrate Pi Day than with a slice of Chicago’s famed deep dish pizza or a thick wedge of pie.

Check out our favorite places to indulge, plus delicious recipes if you prefer to go the homemade route.

5 fabulous spots in Chicago to treat your family to a slice (or two) of pie

From the city to the suburbs, places abound where families can enjoy a delicious slice of homemade pie.

Family supper night at Pizza East

Pizza East in the Fulton Market District, like the Soho House hotel where it resides, is hip and trendy—and surprisingly kid-friendly, especially on Sunday nights when it’s Family Supper night.

Not only is the food superb, the price is right. From 4-7 p.m. every Sunday, diners can select a salad, pasta and gourmet wood-fired pizza served to the table family-style for $50 per table and up to four people. Each additional person is $12.50 and drinks are 50 percent off.

The special is a bit restrictive, however, in terms of what kind of salads, pastas and pizzas guests can choose. The pizza is a choice between the eggplant, tomato, mascarpone and pesto or the spicy salame, tomato and mozzarella. My kids would rather eat dirt than eggplant, so we were left with just one option.

Although the deal is a good one, going off the Supper Night menu is recommended. The wood oven items are incredible, including the whole cauliflower with lemon, yogurt and chili ($10); the mac and cheese, among the best in the city ($10); and Brussels sprouts ($11), which taste much better than they probably sound.

The pizza we found most tasty is not part of the family-style menu. Try the spicy sausage, cream, mozzarella and broccolini or the crispy pork belly, tomato, mushrooms and mozzarella, both $16. For dessert, go for the salted chocolate caramel tart.

And though the food is the highlight, the urban ambiance completes the experience.

Zoom Pizza Factory a hit with Chicago kids (and parents)

If “pizza night” has evolved into a half-hearted phone order, you’re really going to want to seek out Lincoln Park’s newest (and arguably best) pizza place.

What’s currently a well-kept secret won’t remain that way once folks try out one of the three pizza shells, which include gluten-free and ancient grain options. The unlimited toppings are fresh, adventurous and magical (even if your kids still hold out for pepperoni).

And why stop at pizza? The signature Zalata is your choice of crust, piled high with the freshest salad you’ve ever had at a pizza joint. The Drizzle Bar is a station where you can add fresh basil, Korean BBQ and other sauces to your creations, and the Water Bar allows you to get your fill of purified water (filtered through a sustainable system) in either sparkling or ambient form to add your choice of fresh fruit for infusion.

The minds behind Zoom Pizza Factory have put considerable care into the tiniest and best details; the impossibly light crust is the result of dozens of trial-and-error recipes (Chef Paul Guerrero was formerly with Wildfire and Wolfgang Puck), the ingredients are sourced from the same places as the fanciest Chicago restaurants, and the ever-changing combinations will result in your new favorite pizza order. (Ask the pizza concierge—or pizzaristas—crafting your pizza for recommendations.)

Need more to love? Zoom Pizza’s waste is 98 percent compostable and they’ve aligned themselves with Chive Charities and water.org. Seriously, have you ever done so much good by just going out for dinner?

On top of that, its mobile app is location-specific; timing it so your specially crafted pizza comes out of the oven just as you walk in. The V.I.P. treatment has never been quite so affordable or tasted quite so good.

Gluten-free whoopie pies

Enjoy this pillowy, cloud-like dream of a dessert.

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