Easy as Pi(e): 5 ways to celebrate Pi Day

Unless you’re a mathematician, you probably haven’t given the number Pi much thought since sometime in high school. But every year on March 14 – 3.14, of course – we embrace the seemingly never-ending number (it’s been calculated to 67,000 digits!).

Chicago Parent on FOX News

Chicago Parent Senior Editor Elizabeth Diffin stopped by FOX 32 News Chicago to share fun ways to celebrate Pi Day!

Check out these ideas for celebrating.

The sweetest slice

Can it get any more obvious? Celebrate Pi Day with a thick wedge of pie. Hoosier Mama Pie Company serves up its Fat Elvis Pie (graham cracker-peanut-pretzel crust filled with chocolate, peanut butter and banana) in Chicago and Evanston, while First Slice Pie Café with three locations on the North Side, offers the delicious-sounding Balsamic Raspberry Pear Pie.

Going deep

Chicago’s the home of deep-dish pizza, which comes in the form of a – you guessed it! – pie. So if you’re feeling more savory than sweet, hit up one of the big four: Lou Malnati’s, Gino’s East, Giordano’s and Pizzeria Uno. Nobody knows who invented Chicago-style pizza first, but they all sure know how to carry on the tradition.

Run in circles

In 2015, Pi Day falls on 3.1415, and so the Illinois Science Council is doing its annual Pi Day Fun Run at 9:36 a.m. for extra digits of Pi appreciation. The 3.14-mile run (just a bit more than a 5K) should burn off enough calories to make up for the pie social afterward.

Brain builders

Without Pi, we wouldn’t have much of the science our local museums celebrate. Explore the Museum of Science and Industry’s Numbers in Nature mirror maze, scan the skies at Adler Planetarium, or make discoveries at Field Museum’s Crown Family PlayLab. Discovery Center Museum in Rockford even throws a day-long party, complete with circles and shapes, puzzles and games.

Circle up

Pi is about the circumference of a circle, and Chicago’s downtown is referred to as “The Loop.” Could there be a more natural spot to spend 3.14? Stop by the Harold Washington Library’s kids’ department, wave at the anchors in ABC7’s studio, or breathe in the fresh air at Northerly Island. Whatever you do, it’s sure to be full of fun, all the way around.

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