Chicago photographers share the best places for family photos

It’s finally summer, time we bring our families out of hibernation. If you had a baby in March, you’re probably just about ready to show him (and yourself) off. And some-times the iPhone-to-Facebook photo album technology isn’t quite enough. Sometimes you need to call in the professional. Believe me, I’ve been there.

Through my years of mothering and professional work, I’ve come to know my fair share of baby and kids’ photographers. And I even got them to spill some of their trade secrets.

1. Julia Franzosa

Franzosa is one of the most delicate baby photographers I know. She says “every photograph I take is about capturing the truth and love within a family…who they are.” She relies on her experience as a nanny to guide the session. Her favorite place to shoot? Any place that has special meaning to the family, “whether that is Millennium Park or their favorite coffee shop.”

2. Rachel Beltzman

Beltzman is a mom of three boys who so enjoyed photographing her own brood and her friends’ kids, she decided to make a career of it. Rachel aims to get to know the kids she photographs and find out what makes them tick. She likes to shoot in the city in areas where tall trees create an interesting background.

3. Darcy Demmel

Born and raised in Nebraska, Demmel brings a little bit of country to her city shoots, and doesn’t mind getting down on the ground or dirty to get the best shot. She’s also been known to drive around the city scouting out cool new locations for a shoot. Her favorite Chicago season to shoot? Spring.

4. TK Photography

Thomas and Tiana Kubik see baby and kids’ photography as an adventure-so much so that they only shoot on location and take advantage of the diversity of Chicago’s neighborhoods and backdrops. “I love shooting in summer at Montrose Harbor,”Thomas says. “It has a great skyline view, the beach, the bird sanctuary and tall grass.”

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