Perfect paper snowflakes

If you’re tired of looking out your window at the dreary winter sky, improve your view with some beautiful paper snowflakes. This is a fine seasonal project for kids-and adults, too. As any experienced paper snowflake-maker can tell you, it takes more than a piece of paper and scissors to create a flake that resembles the real thing. But with the proper cuts and folds, you and your kids can make a unique and attractive window decoration. Need some inspiration? Try these print-and-cut patterns


  1. Cut your paper into a perfect square using a ruler. It doesn’t
    really matter how big or small your square is-it just needs to have
    four equal sides.

  2. Fold the square in half on the diagonal, matching up the

  3. Take this triangle and roll it in half again without actually
    folding it. Pinch the paper to make a crease at the center of the
    triangle and unfold. This mark is the dead center of your

  4. Fold your right triangle into even thirds, keeping the point
    intact. This step is important to achieve the natural hexagonal
    shape of real snowflakes.

  5. Fold that triangle in half again, being careful to keep the
    point intact. The shape should now resemble a paper airplane.

  6. Snip off the uneven ends so that you have an isosceles

  7. Now comes the fun part. Cut any patterns or shapes you like. Be
    sure to use sharp scissors because you’re cutting through several
    layers of paper. A small manicure scissor also works well. Consider
    using a hole punch to add detail in those spots your scissors
    cannot reach. Be sure not to cut the center point that is keeping
    your snowflake intact. When you are satisfied with your shape and
    detail, carefully unfold the snowflake.

    If your snowflake doesn’t lie flat, cover it with a piece of plain
    white paper and use an iron on a low setting to press it. If you
    want more embellishment, use a glue stick to cover the entire
    snowflake and add glitter to the surface, shaking off any excess.
    Proudly display your creations in your window.


  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • String or tape to hang your snowflakes
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