Adorable penguin chick born at Shedd Aquarium

It’s no secret we love baby animals. Our latest favorite? Shedd Aquarium’s little rockhopper penguin chick. Click through the slideshow to learn more about the little waddler.

Cute animal alert! This little rockhopper penguin chick is the newest addition to the Shedd Aquarium family.

The penguin chick hatched just under a month ago at a tiny 75grams. Shedd’s animal care experts weigh the bird daily, and say itgains about 40 grams per day. Today, it is at a healthy weight of1019 grams.

The penguin chick is already on exhibit in Polar Play Zone.According to Shedd, having an open nesting location gives gueststhe special opportunity to watch and learn about the chick as itgrows. Guests will also see the mother and father care for theirlittle one, sharing parenting responsiblities equally.

Shedd says that the gender of the chick is currently unknownbecause it is difficult to identify gender in penguins withoutgenetic testing. Whether this little one is a boy or a girl, it’sstill adorable. Check out that big belly!

Ken Ramirez, the executive vice president of animal care andtraining for Shedd, said the experienced penguin parents arefeeding the chick well. The chick still has many milestones ahead,like developing swimming skills.

You can see the chick yourself during a trip to Shedd Aquarium.Watch it grow in the Polar PlayZone. Access to the exhibit is included in every ticket level
except General Admission. Learn more about the exhibit and
buy tickets at

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