Peek behind the curtain

Although going to the opera sounds like an adult-only activity, the Student Backstage Tours with the Lyric Opera of Chicago are definitely kid friendly.

According to Jean Kellogg, director of education for the Lyric Opera, the tours include the orchestra pit, the wig department (fun fact: facial hair is made from yak hair), the costume department, dressing rooms, armor and stage weapons, props and a walk across the opera’s six-story catwalk.

“It really gives an insight as to what happens besides singing,” Kellogg says."It’s fascinating to see all the different jobs incorporated into opera.” The tours are only for school groups and run between Nov. 2 and March 14 between performances.

Each tour lasts 90 minutes and costs $5 per person. Parents can go to to check out the order form to reserve a tour if they’d like to get more information for their child’s school.

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