Parenting Unplugged……radio for conscious parenting

My husband travels for work and a few weeks ago he was searching for a parenting podcast to listen to…. something educational but also entertaining for his five hour drive.

He came across Parenting Uplugged Radio on iTunes and remembered the name because one of their hosts, Laura Mansfield, interviewed me about my book about a month ago ( click here to listen to the interview.)

He listened to show after show and his drive flew by. He loved the parenting experts, the open and authentic conversation between the hosts (married couple Laura and Todd Mansfield), and the opportunity to think more deeply about his parenting.

He convinced me to download several shows for my most recent long drive, and I couldn’t agree with him more – Parenting Unplugged Radio is highly conscious, completely entertaining, and it offers a wealth of information for all parents.

Todd and Laura Mansfield host Parenting Unplugged, the flagship program of the Parenting Unplugged Network, but the Network also offers Dad’s Unplugged and Single Parenting Unplugged.

On Tuesday, Todd and Laura have in-depth discussions with national parenting experts and on Monday and Friday they openly discuss their parenting challenges and successes while reflecting on their own personal awareness.

I love the way their shows challenge my thinking, so I was very excited to hear that Parenting Unplugged is growing and expanding (click here to see their new site).

Laura Mansfield just let me know that they are planning more shows and more interactive experiences for parents, and that sometime this fall, it will be an 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. network!

You can get updates about their new venture by becoming a fan of the Parenting Uplugged Facebook Page, and if you are ready to listen to current or past shows, just search Parenting Unplugged on iTunes to subscribe to their podcasts.


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