3 books every Chicago parent should have

Ever wonder how to capture those perfect family moments with today’s technology? Or maybe you’re in need of advice as a new parent? We have three books that every Chicago parent should have around the house.

We found 3 books that every Chicago parent should have whether they are a new parent or raising teenagers.

This new gem of an e-book provides guidance on how to storefamily digital photos and videos, how to organize them, how to havefun with them and how to ensure treasured memories are passed downto your children and beyond.

Fleeting to Forever: Enjoying &Preserving Your Digital Photos and Videos

This hilarious read will have new parents laughing outloud while navigating the challenges of caring for a newbaby.

Sippy Cups are Not for Chardonnay: And Other Things I Had to Learn as a New Mom

This research-based meme challenges many modern parentingpractices and their consequences such as how too much praise issurprisingly a bad thing and why teen rebellion may actually begood.

NutureShock: New Thinking About Children

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