Paper bag owl puppet

Bring some autumn color to your refrigerator with this paper bag owl. Using a classic brown bag and a few supplies from the craft store, you’ll have a hoot!


  1. Making the face: The bottom of the paper bag, folded flat, willserve as your puppet’s face. Cut out a black construction papertriangle whose base is as wide as the paper bag and glue itupside-down to the bottom of the bag. Cut a smaller yellow trianglefor the beak and attach it. Glue on the buttons or googlyeyes.
  2. Glue the leaves you collected for puppet’s “wings.”
  3. Cut an oval of brown felt and glue on the bag for a furrytummy.
  4. Twine three orange pipe cleaners together to form each foot,then staple to the top the bag.


  • brown paper bags
  • googly eyes (can substitute buttons)
  • orange pipe cleaners (the thicker, the better)
  • construction paper (black and yellow)
  • brown felt
  • autumn leaves
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