Pinterest for your pantry

We cancopycat recipes,meal plan, cook successful dinners, or even attempt our own version of Panda Express orange chicken using Pinterest.

I decided to take Pinterest a step further. After cleaning out my cabinets, I realized how many strange ingredients I had at my disposal – quinoa, bulgur, barley, beans – and decided to figure out recipes to make using these ingredients.

For quinoa, I ran a simple search of the “Boards” rather than pins. I came across this recipe for a quinoa burger. The photo makes them look very appealing! (And I’m also hoping to please my meat-eating hubby with this recipe!) I’ll report back next week.

Pinterest can be the perfect way to figure out what to do with all the “extras” in your pantry or refrigerator. You can search by ingredient or general recipes. I liked this quinoa recipe because it used most of what I already had the house with the exception of an ingredient or two. Over the next week or two, I’m hoping to clean up my pantry by finding easy-to-make recipes that use ingredients in the back of the pantry.

Ever find yourself with a bunch of extra “stuff” in your food cabinets? What kind of recipes do you resort to? We’d love to hear your feedback. Find me on Pinterest and Chicago Parent’s boards.

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