Moms, what do YOU want for Mother’s Day?

Babble conducted a recent poll of mothers to see what they REALLY want for Mother’s Day. After sharing around, I realized how accurate it was – with many moms suggesting that they would love more than one thing on this chart. In an effort to help you reach all of your Mother’s Day wildest dreams, I’ve found a way to make most of these happen within the south suburbs.

Be sure to have your husband or significant other check out this list!


The day OFF from parenting

The world is your oyster. You can spend the day at the Orland Park Mall or spend the afternoon relaxing at Lake Katherine. Enjoy a cup of coffee at Beverly Bakery and Cafe or lounge in bed and send the rest of your family out to the Children’s Museum in Oak Lawn. Whatever you decide to do, enjoy it in a little peace and quiet. Perhaps a solo trip to Target?


Close your eyes and hide under the covers at home. Have your hubby wash the linens the day before so they are fresh and ready for a day of relaxing. Ask him to take the kids to the park for the afternoon – the perfect opportunity for a Sunday afternoon nap. Drift into dreamland without little ones prying your eyelids open.

Delicious food (prepared by someone else)

Whether you’re nibbling on peanut butter covered burnt toast made by little hands or heading out to a fabulous brunch, enjoy the knowledge that you did not have to A) Prepare it yourself and B) Do not need to clean up after everything. It’s your day to take the day off of food preparation and dishes. If this is your MUST-HAVE for Mother’s Day, drop a hint to dad to either play chef or make the reservations.

Several hours alone to binge-watch Netflix

If you don’t already do this (ahem), I strongly suggest you stop everything you’re doing and binge-watch a bit this weekend. Some of my favorite suggestions: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Friday Night Lights, Parenthood, Army Wives or anything from the Lifetime Movie Network.

A clean house

Does a clean house strike your Mother’s Day fancy? Call one of these services to ensure your house is sparkling: Sophia’s Cleaning Service, E&K Cleaning Service or Best Maids. All of these companies provide service to the south suburbs and would make the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

Sex and/or foot massage

I’ll leave the S-E-X as a private matter, but for a foot massage? If feeling pampered is your Mother’s Day desire, spend the day at a local spa relaxing! Try Serenity Day Spa in Flossmoor or Beau Geste Salon & Day Spa in Palos Heights for a manicure and pedicure.

A bottle of wine

Want to spend the afternoon enjoying a bottle of wine or testing new varieties? Head to your local Cooper’s Hawk Winery in Tinley Park. Looking for a bottle on a budget? I recently heard from a friend that Aldi serves up a mean glass at a minimal price. Relax over a glass while the kids play in the backyard, your husband cooks and a maid tends to your house. That or pretend that all of those things are happening while you enjoy some sips.

A lumberjack

I’ll just leave this here for those of you in the 1 percent.


Whether you desire something on this Mother’s Day wish list or something else, we hope your day is filled with love, hugs and the abundant gratitude for the job you do every day raising your family. An added bonus of chocolate probably wouldn’t hurt either.

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