Paleo diets good for most

I took a look at the positives of the Paleo diet a few weeks ago, and while it is a great diet for most of us, it is not a perfect diet. Let’s look at the cons of these high-protein diets:

More is not better when it comes to eating protein. In fact, our body can only absorb about 30 grams of protein at a time. That is about a 3-ounce serving of chicken breast. Anything more is stored in your fat cells. Body builders can use a little more, but more than 50 grams of protein in one sitting is a waste.

Gluten-free grains are good for our bodies. In terms of gut healing, grains may be a short-term out. When the body heals, though, it is OK to eat some gluten-free grains as they are high in fiber, B vitamins, manganese, magnesium and other essential nutrients.

Long-term use of a high protein diet can lead to cancer. When the body has a hard time breaking down ammonia and sulfur, this can cause toxicity in the body’s cells, which can trigger our cancer cells to turn on. Does this mean you are going to get cancer? It does not, but it does mean eating a more plant-based diet is important to help toxins break down.

Long-term low carb diets can cause an imbalance in the gut bacteria. The diets lack prebiotic fiber and can cause digestive issues.

Possible kidney issues. High-protein diets put a lot of stress on the kidneys, mainly because of the diuretic effect of ridding carbs from the diet. The by-product of protein synthesis is called ketosis in which ketones can be detected in the urine. Ketosis is stressful on the kidneys and because it is using fat instead of sugar for energy. This is why it is extremely important to drink more water if you opt into a higher protein diet, like the Paleo diet.

Overall, I am in favor of higher protein diets. I like how it rids processed foods, sugar, gluten, dairy, soy, corn, peanuts (what I call the Big 5 Inflammatory Foods) and focus on eating good fats, fruits, vegetables and sustainable sources of protein products.

We must understand we all have our own unique biochemistry. Diet is NOT a one-size- fits-all program.

It is so important for whomever you work with you on your nutrition to look at various factors such as blood work, genetic testing (if completed), saliva, urine and/or stool testing to best determine the type of diet best for you. It is about being functional and healthy every single part of your day.

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