Painted Lemonade Set

Make the most of your summer afternoons with your own lemonade-drinking set, complete with hand-painted glass pitcher and drinking glasses. No, it won’t cost a fortune. And you don’t need to be Rembrandt.


  1. Wash your glassware. Check the back of your paint box to see if
    there are any special cleaning instructions to help the paint
  2. Paint. The options here are endless-anything from abstract
    geometric designs to smiley faces to tulips.If you (or your
    kids) need a little direction, then try a summer fruit theme. Pick
    a different fruit to paint on each glass, and paint one of each on
    the pitcher to tie things together.

    • Strawberry: Paint a red triangle, with one of the points aimed
      down, and round the edges with more red paint. When that’s dry,
      paint green leaves on top and a few black dots for seeds.
    • Watermelon: Paint a pink semi-circle. When dry, paint a rim of
      white on the rounded edge, then a rim of green for the rind. Paint
      black dots for seeds.
    • Citrus fruit: This one is more difficult, but it’s worth the
      effort if your kids are older and have a little more patience.
      First, paint a white circle and fill it in. When dry, add the fruit
      sections. This part is like painting a sliced pie-only the
      wedge-shaped pieces don’t touch and there is a ring of white on the
      edge. Choose yellow for lemon, green for lime, light pink for
      grapefruit and orange for (you guessed it) orange. For the peel,
      paint a colored ring around the white circle, using the same color
      as you did for the fruit sections.
  3. When your glasses and pitcher are dry, pour the lemonade and
    enjoy the sunshine.


  • Glass pitcher
  • Drinking glasses
  • Non-toxic acrylic paint for glass and ceramics
  • Paintbrushes
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