Chicago mom is done with babies

I blinked and my baby is gone.

I saw it coming but I thought I had time. Isn’t that always how it is? You always think you have one more day, one more chance, one more moment.

Over the last week I have weaned my last baby. I will never nurse another baby again. Never have that moment where the whole world seems to stop and stand still. I was ready to be done, so ready. However, just like every baby before him, I wish I had known that the last time would be the last. Taken that moment to cherish it just a little more.

Since we’ve weaned he’s started sleeping. I have always told my kids that if they don’t sleep they won’t grow. If you want to grow up to be big like your daddy/brother/sister you need to nap/go to bed/sleep. This week it seems to be especially true as the more he is sleeping, the bigger he looks.

His belly longer and thinner, more kid-like than the round chubby belly of a baby. He has no desire to sit in his seat (a stokke) at the dinner table, he climbs right up on the bench with his big sisters. My favorite new behavior/mannerism may be the belly laying to read. His oldest sister has always preferred this position, as I did in my youth. When a not quite two-year-old does it, well it’s so cute I can almost forget I was sad that he’s not a baby anymore.

So we’re done.

Done with babies. With nursing. With the seemingly endless sleepless nights. On to the adventures of big kids, teens, schools and more. If my daughter’s “new math” is any indication … it may actually be harder than the baby years!

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