Fold these cool origami bats

Use the ancient art of origami to create cleverly folded creatures to use as Halloween decorations.


  1. Begin by folding an 8-by-8-inch piece of black paper into a triangle.
  2. Next, fold down the top 2 inches of the triangle. Fold each side flap in about an inch and a half, then back out again to form dimensional wings.
  3. Use scissors to cut a notch along the top between the wings to form two ears.
  4. Flip the bat over and glue on two eyes.


  • Black paper cut into 8-by-8-inch squares (scrapbook or origami paper works best, but construction paper will work as well)
  • Scissors
  • Glue-on eyes (7mm size works best)
  • Glue stick or craft glue
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