One boy’s vision for greater good inspires dad

He’s only 6 and yet he cares deeply about the plight of humanity. Given $10 by his first grade teacher and charged with using it as seed money to create something greater, Myles came up with an idea that only the mind of a 6-year-old could envision. With the tooth fairy as his only known source of venture capital, he reasoned that he must not be alone.

That was how Myles for Smiles was born. Myles’ non-profit charity will collect tooth fairy money and donate it to good causes. The beneficiary of the funds initially is Myles’ favorite charity, The Make-a-Wish Foundation.

From grassroots collection containers placed in pediatric dentists’ offices to a true e-commerce site, Myles for Smiles will put to good use what Myles realizes is probably millions of quarters children would waste on candy.

It’s a brilliant idea, one born of the optimism, compassion and creativity.

Let us all never forget what it’s like to be a child. Thank you, Myles, for reminding us all that if we follow our children rather than try to lead them, we’d be much better off indeed.

Steve Sulkin is a dad living in Vernon Hills.

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