Chicago nursery rock stars

Mickey’s special place

My husband, Mike, and I were excited by the idea of seeing the world through our child’s eyes. And that’s what Where the Sidewalk Ends is all about. As we started designing the nursery, we knew we wanted the poem to be a theme. Local artist Shawn Stucky worked with us to customize the book cover mural, making the city skyline resemble Chicago’s and the dog to look like our dog, Penny.

Sleep training

Before long, you’ll have a toddler on your hands. If they have trouble going to bed or staying in bed, try these tips:


Put them in bed between 7-8 p.m.


Take them shopping to pick out something special to sleep with. Also get a clock that says when it is time for bed and lights up when they can get up.


During the day of the first night in a “big” kid bed, talk about being a big boy/girl and how they can sleep by themselves. Make it a positive change, not a punishment.


Make a chart and put stickers on it or fill a jar with marbles when they stay in bed all night.


Pam Jones

RN, co-founder

Sweet Dreams Infant Care


Every day, Mickey, who turned 1 in September, notices something new about the mural.

Another special part of the room is the rug. My friend was in the process of creating a line of children’s rugs for a company she and her husband own. Rugamuffins uses artists to design their rugs, truly making it artwork for your floor. It is incredibly soft—the perfect place to cuddle and read books.

Little things in his room have big meaning for us, too. The little bunnies in the basket are my husband’s childhood toys, made by his mother. GOAT was our “name” for Mickey while I was pregnant. The artwork is a combination of pieces from artists that we picked up at festivals, flea markets and Etsy. The largest print is lyrics from a song that my husband sang to my belly in the mornings while I was pregnant. While pregnant, I couldn’t get enough ice cream, hence the ice cream print (with the words “sweeter than Ben and Jerry’s”). The print on the top left is a picture depicting the song my mom sang to me when I was little (“Would you like to swing on a star”).

Heide Cygan, Chicago

Riley’s sweet room

My style is a mix of elegance and romance, yet still simple. Something classic that she could easily grow into.

I love the soft pink and gold color palette. The wall color is “sweetheart,” which is so appropriate for our little princess.

My favorite items in the room are the gallery wall—I spent hours on Etsy finding just the right ones!—the chandelier and the tassel garland.

The room is so peaceful and serene; my husband and I could sit and rock Riley in the glider all day!

Sarah Calamita, Chicago

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