3 non-candy treats to hand out this Halloween

Maybe you’re a dentist who doesn’t like sending out the wrong message. Maybe you don’t believe in sugar. Or maybe, like me, you don’t want to be left with dozens of snack-sized Snickers bars you will eat when your kids aren’t looking. Whatever the reason, here are three non-edible items to give out on Halloween (that won’t result in a trick since they are still a treat):

Afraid of cavities (for yourself or the kids)? Try these non-edible goodies for trick-or-treaters.

Glow sticks

Who doesn’t like these, especially on Halloween?

Mini cans of slime

Their parents probably won’t thank you, but the kids will!

How to make flubber

If your kids can’t resist slimy, sticky, messy stuff, they are absolutely going to love flubber. Also known Silly Putty, flubber is a slimy, malleable substance that will entertain your kids for hours. Plus, it is the ultimate at-home kitchen science experiment.

In addition to being great fun, flubber also has

some interesting science behind it.

In technical terms, a polymer is a large molecule composed of repeating structural units. These sub-units are connected by covalent chemical bonds.

In flubber, the Borax starts out as a solid and then combines with the glue and water to create a colloid polymer. Boraxhooks the glue’s polymer molecules together to form a putty-like material. As a result, flubber has properties of both a liquid and a solid.

Flubber can stretch without breaking, but you can also easily tear a piece of it off. You can squeeze flubber through your fingers, but it will also bounce like a rubber ball. Flubber will keep its shape if you hit it with a hammer, but you can gently press your hands into it and leave an impression.

Challenge your kids to think of new ways to put flubber to the test!

Fake Halloween-themed tattoos

Try Target or a local dollar store for bargain prices.

Editor’s Note: For a fun splurge, try Started by a mom who wanted her daughter to have some well-designed temporary tattoos, Tattly has now grown to include over 250 different designs created by professional illustrators. For Halloween, we love the kitty face (pictured). They have a special section just for kids, but parents will be tempted to buy some temporary tattoos for themselves from the rest of the site.

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