14 Easy No-Carve Pumpkin Ideas to Make with Your Kids this Halloween

Let’s face it, Halloween as a parent can be all tricks and no treats. Between coordinating schedules to take your children trick-or-treating and providing snacks for little ghosts and goblins, it can be a lot! And let’s not get started on the costumes. Never fear, we’ve got you covered with easy, no carve pumpkins to make your holiday a bit more festive.

Painted Pumpkin Donuts

Start your day off with this fun donut craft. Your kids will love the treat of painting in the morning and would be made even better served alongside actual donuts!

Get the tutorial at Be the Best Nanny.

Glow in the Dark Pumpkins

Light up the night with these easy, painted glow-in-the-dark pumpkins that all ages will enjoy! Your porch will be the talk of the town with these on your front steps.

Get the tutorial at SoCraftastic.

Olaf Pumpkin

You will be able to “let go” of your responsibilities and have some fun with this Olaf painted pumpkin.

Get the tutorial at Crafty Morning.

Bewitching Pumpkins

Do you want to make a pumpkin snowman? Your kids will love concocting these bewitching pumpkins made with mini pumpkins.

Get the tutorial at Create Craft Love

Magical Unicorn Pumpkin

Make it a magical day with this unicorn painting kit that’s sure to fill your Halloween with sunshine and rainbows. A total parenting win!

Get the kit at World Market

Woodland Creature No-Carve Pumpkin

The easiest (and arguably cutest) of the bunch, this no-carve raccoon is a craft that is perfect for making with preschoolers.

Get the tutorial at Simple As That

Spider Web Pumpkins

There’s nothing spooky about these spider web pumpkins, easily made with twine and plastic spiders.

Get the tutorial at Woman’s Day

Melted Crayon Pumpkin

A super easy craft to execute and a great way to get rid of all those broken crayons laying around your house.

Get the tutorial at Dream a Little Bigger

DIY Pun-Kins

If you are one of the lucky ones whose kids have their own plans, pour yourself a glass of wine and get to DIYing! The possibilities for puns are endless, so go crazy.

Get the tutorial at Studio DIY.

Rainbow Pumpkin Wreath 

With Halloween held mostly indoors this year, how you decorate is as important as ever. And what’s more festive than a wreath made of pumpkins? This cute DIY project using 85 mini gourds (fake is probably better for the weight) is the perfect activity to show some spirit while indulging in Halloween fun. 

Get the tutorial on Instagram via @Crafterward.

Treasure Gold Leaf Pumpkin

This gold leaf pumpkin is the perfect way to incorporate fall into your décor while maintaining a minimalist aesthetic. A fun activity for kids to help out with, it’s a creative way to take the spooky out of Halloween.

Get the tutorial at Plaidcrafts.

Pumpkin Fairy House

This is an innovative way to bring the otherworldly to your front yard. What kids would deem magical, this pumpkin fairy house is festive, fun and, quite honestly, really pretty. Customizable to your liking, it is a testament to your children’s (and your family’s) personality. 

Get the tutorial at Weave in Wonder.

Forky Pumpkin

This Toy Story 4 favorite is sure to get a laugh out of your kids. From “trash!” to pumpkin, the design is not only simple, but also iconic. 

Get the tutorial at The Farm Girl Gabs.

Emoji Pumpkins

These emoji pumpkins are as expressive as they are plentiful. With so many emojis to choose from, your kids can customize them towards their favorite ones. 

Get the tutorial at Cutefetti

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This story originally published on on Sept. 27, 2019. It has been updated with the most recent information.

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