Get rid of lice without chemicals

Carrie Madej always had an aptitude for hair, but when she decided how to channel that interest, it wasn’t into a conventional salon. Instead, Madej bought a LouseBuster to kill lice and went to work helping families become itch-free.

Nit Free Noggins

525 N. Wolf Road, Wheeling
27021 St. Charles Road, Carol Stream

“Some people are just frantic with head lice,” Madej says. “They’ve often been freaked out for days.”

Initially, Madej traveled to people’s homes to treat them. But recently she opened two salons devoted to ridding people of lice and nits without chemicals and in only one visit by using the LouseBuster. The devices, FDA-approved in 2009, use high-powered heated air to dehydrate both lice and eggs. The half-hour treatment is not uncomfortable and can be used on children 4 and older.

“Many parents don’t like chemicals … and this is chemical-free and pesticide-free,” says LouseBuster spokesperson Lauren Johnson. “Also, lice can become immune to chemicals and pesticides. We now have superlice that can’t be killed by popular brands sometimes.”

At her Nit Free Noggins Salons, Madej charges customers $195 for the half-hour treatment, with free follow-up head checks if desired. She offers a discount when multiple family members are treated.

The treatment doesn’t damage hair and is followed by a comb-out of hair to remove any dead lice and nits, Madej says. Madej has locations in Wheeling and Carol Stream. A third location in Chicago will open soon. For more information, visit or call (847) 573-9600.

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