New STEM offerings at SciTech Museum in Aurora

Located in downtown Aurora in the historic post office building, the SciTech Museum offers more than 200 exhibits to imagine, explore and discover. If you haven’t visited before or haven’t visited recently, it’s time to go. SciTech is always changing with STEM-related activities and exhibits.

SciTech telephone booth


Here are the latest STEM offerings you’ll want to see for yourself!

Communication Station

As the museum’s newest exhibit, the Communication Station explores the history of telecommunications. Kids will be fascinated with how people communicated sans cell phones. Spend time checking out old style telephone booths displaying various kinds of telephones from back in the days. Find an interactive telephone switchboard that can connect calls in real life.  Or learn how a telegraph was used to send messages using morse code.

Google Earth

Using the Google Earth technology, visitors are able to travel to the pyramids of Egypt or the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Visitors are surrounded by three large 65″ displays to create the immersive experience.

Augmented Reality Sandbox

Kids are really in control in this exhibit. Using a computer and sensor to communicate real time information, images of actual topographical map readings are projected as kids play with the sand. Interested in making it rain? The projections will show water running down the mountain and into the valleys creating rivers and lakes. How neat is that?

Space Travels

Outer space is not too far away for SciTech visitors. Here they can imagine life as an astronaut and view a large scale model of the solar system and moon. Take a few minutes to relax in the half dome space theater.

Ancient Times Tech

Ever wonder what technology existed in ancient civilizations? Travel back in time to find out what was used to complete daily tasks.

Interested in finding out what else you can do at SciTech? Read on to find out what we discovered on our visit.

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