4 wintertime boredom-busters

With the weather turning more crisp by the minute, we’ll soon be spending a whole lot more time playing inside.

So I’ve hunted down four new creative playthings that your kids simply won’t be able to resist.

Lux Blox

Created by local artist/inventor Michael Acerra, Lux Blox are an innovative building set that allows builders of all ages to create structures that curve, bend, move, flex, twist and turn. They have a unique snap and lock hinge system that allows for incredibly complex creations. My son Truman, 13, is enthralled with this set, and I am overjoyed that he is so into something with no screen. The video tutorials on YouTube are amazing, too!

$29.99 for the introductory set, $69.99 for the medium box and $129.99 for the large

Props in a Box

Most parents are hungry for playthings that spark imaginative, hands-on, self-directed play. I flipped for the newly launched Props in a Box because it creatively combines beautiful, high-quality felt dress-up props in a sturdy suitcase with a stunning backdrop. Plus, it has an app that helps kids transform their make-believe stories and adventures into one-of-a-kind movies to share with family and friends. And their dress-up combinations break down gender roles. Win/win.

$74.99 for the whole kit and caboodle

Pie Face

If you have not seen the viral video that shows a grandpa and his granddaughter showing this game in action, I give you permission to check it out (but come back!) and go watch it right now. Pie Face is sweeping the country as the most hilarious new game on the market–for kids AND their grownups. For less than $20, kids and adults can enjoy the suspense of seeing who will be “pie-faced” next.


Storytime Theater

My second-grade niece recently acted as my “tester” for this super-fun new way to get kids reading and enjoying books. To say that she adored it would be a gross understatement.

Storytime Theater brings storytime to life by projecting great Disney tales onto kids’ bedroom walls. Just download the storytime app, press the “press and play” character onto the screen of a tablet and the story begins to play. It has three modes–Read to Me, Read to Myself and Bedtime–that meet children at their individual reading levels. It’s certain to be a big hit with your early reader.

$79.99 for the projector and one story, $9.99 for additional stories

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