“Nature’s Architects” set to open at Notebaert Nature Museum

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When it comes to earth-friendly spots in the city, Lincoln Park certainly tops the list. The zoo, conservatory and even the Green City Market are all terrific ways to learn more about the planet. But for an easy adventure that appeals to all ages, my family heads to Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum. With its focus on nature and the environment, this is a one-of-a-kind museum with just the right balance of information, observation and hands-on play.

Even after dozens of visits, my sons never tire of the permanent exhibits. Every exhibit space, in fact, has been cleverly designed to teach lessons on a variety of levels, so we all take something away from the visit. Best of all, you don’t run into vendors hawking toys and T-shirts at the end of every exhibit.

The museum’s curators also do a good job of bringing in engaging temporary exhibits.

“Nature’s Architects,” the museum’s first completely self-curated exhibit, should be no exception. Opening April 1, visitors will be able to see how animals build their own habitats by studying live animals, watching video and even interacting with sample building materials. Animals construct beautiful and complex homes, from beehives to termite skyscrapers, and now we can discover how they compare to our manmade structures.

Nature’s Architects is included in general admission, which is $9 adult, $6 child 3-12, $7 seniors and students.

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