7 ways to celebrate National Watermelon Day

Mark your calendar on August 3 for a day of celebration in honor of a delicious treat: Watermelon! Containing no fat or cholesterol and high in Vitamins A and C, it really is the perfect healthy summer snack for the entire family. To get the party started, here are a few ways to spend this sweet day.

Find fun ways to eat it

Try something a little bit different with this spicy grilled watermelon recipe, or keep it simple by freezing them with other fruits turning them into popsicles. If you’re really feeling adventurous, try making your own watermelon keg and filling it with ice and lemonade for a truly cool drink.

Plan a trip to a watermelon festival

Are you serious about getting your watermelon celebration on? Plan a trip to one of the many watermelon festivals throughout the country. With plenty of melons to go around and watermelon-themed activities, there’s something for the whole family.

Turn it into a science experiment

This erupting watermelon craft takes the classic vinegar and baking soda volcano to a whole new level. This easy experiment with Kool Aid still provides all the fizzy fun but with less smell because there is no need for vinegar.

Try your hand at watermelon carving

Who said you can only have carving fun with pumpkins? With these quick tips you’ll be carving your own watermelon basket like a pro in no time. Looking for something a little more advanced? From minions to submarines, you’re sure to find many creative ideas to express your true love for this fruit.

Have a seed-spitting contest

Test your range with a family member or friend in your backyard. Follow the official rules from the Pardeeville Watermelon Festival Seed-spitting Championships, or make up your own. The more the merrier for this classic challenge.

Plant your own watermelon seeds

With the heat in full force now, it’s the perfect time to plant your own seeds because watermelons love to grow in warm weather. Check out these tips to make your melon garden a plentiful one.

Keep it simple

There’s no better way to show your appreciation than just cutting up a whole one and digging in. And with watermelons really being mostly water (92 percent), it’s a guilt-free pleasure to enjoy all day, every day.

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