Naked Time

This week, the Dads wrestle with nudity – how much of it is in your house, when does it need to stop, and how do you tell the kids to knock it off?

WDP10: NakedTime by ChicagoParent

Todd, father of grade schoolers, brings his latest problem to the attention of the other Dads: his kids seem comfortable running around the house in the all-together, and comfortable bursting in on all kinds of “naked time” between Todd and his wife.

All three Dads agree that families should wear clothes, and not just on special occassions – so when do the kids stop running around like their starring in “The Blue Lagoon”?

Matt grew up in and is now a part of a mostly “non-naked” household, so he plans on never seeing his kid naked again after she learns to use snaps.

D.M. was scarred by seeing his Grandmother naked when he was a boy, so he thinks one good eyefull is all it takes to put kids off of nudity forever.

The conversation leads to a role play between Todd and his “children”, as played by Matt and D.M. Theatre magic is made.

We want to hear from you! E-mail us at or leave a comment below and let us know how and when the kids can learn to cover up!

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