The dads are continuing the new media tradition of filling your brain with mindless in-and-out lists for the new year. These, however, are to be lived by.

Todd considers free-range parenting in while helicopter parenting is way, way out. Feeding your children is out, and sending them to fetch a beer, Todd says, is in.

For Matt, digital music is out and outdated forms of media are in. As well, looking good in a t-shirt is out and man-boobs are in (thankGod). Lastly, sobriety is out and drinks named in honor of your child are in.

For D.M., nursing is out and organic whole milk is in. His wife is more or less done nursing after a year of double trouble with the twins, and he swears he never tried the local brew. Believe him? You’ll never know… Messy hair is out, as well, and using something called a comb is in.

Now you know. Enjoy 2013.

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