Bust a myth with MythBusters

Do you get wetter if you walk in the rain or if you run? Ever wondered how hard it would be to hang from the ledge of a skyscraper like the action heroes in the movies? Can you really dodge a bullet?

If you go

Museum of Science and Industry
57th Street and Lake Shore Drive
(773) 684-1414


With the opening of the new “MythBusters: the Explosive Exhibition” at the Museum of Science and Industry today, visitors have a chance to figure out for themselves the answers to many popular “myths.” The exhibit is based on Discovery Channel’s MythBusters TV show, which explores pop culture myths using scientific methods and some energetic, geeky show hosts.

My kids and I had a chance to preview the show and we agreed it’s one of the best new exhibits we’ve visited in a long time. They absolutely loved the rain chambers, where one person walks in the rain and one runs (yes, it’s really raining in the chamber, but not enough to soak clothing). After exiting the chamber, you line up in front of a mirror with blacklights where a fluorescent glow shows which one got wetter.

Kids of all ages (and plenty of grownups) were hanging from ledges, dodging bullets and trying to change into superheroes in a phone booth. In addition to the many hands-on experiments, there’s also a live demonstration room with a show similar to a MythBusters episode that will appeal to all ages.

The MythBusters exhibition will stay at MSI until Sept. 3. The timed entry tickets cost an additional $10, $8 kids age 3-11. General admission to the museum is $15, $10 kids 3-11. There is a discount for Chicago residents.

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