Eight ways to beat summer boredom with fun activities from Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry

This week’s post comes from the Museum of Science and Industry Pinterest page. Each summer, MSI hosts a Summer Brain Games series to help kids stay engaged during the summer. Once you register, you receive a ticket for a free museum entry, which makes this opportunity even more special! Today, I’ve collected some pins of home science experiments to share with your family.

Design and Race Boats: Try MSI’s summer science carnival activities and have fun while learning. Design and race boats for a lesson in pressure.

Solar System High Striker Game: Test your strength against gravity with this solar system high striker game. It’s one of MSI’s summer science carnival activities.

Water Blaster and Target: Learn about pressure with this water blaster and target.

Stomp Rocket Daredevil: Rev up the excitement at a backyard summer science carnival with this stomp rocket daredevil!

Carnival Tent from Newspapers: Be an engineer and design a carnival tent from newspapers as you learn what shapes make structures strong.

Super Bouncy Bubbles: Turn your backyard into a summer science carnival with fun, hands-on experiments from MSI, like these super bouncy bubbles.

Miniature Dunk Bucket: Build this dunk bucket for a “cool” lesson about the center of mass.

DIY Skeeball Target: Try this twist on a classic carnival game. Experiment with variables as you launch a marble down a ski jump to land in a DIY skeeball target.

Be sure to register and to follow along for even more great ideas to beat the summer boredom blues! What science experiments have your kids wanted to try?

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