Mother’s Day recipes on Pinterest

Last week, I featured an adorable project by my friend, Melissa, for the favorite mom and grandma in your life. Since you still have a few more days to prepare for moms big day (or to drop subtle hints to your own hubby), I thought I’d feature a few more favorite projects along with some fun food ideas.

One of my favorite ideas for a Mother’s Day gift actually didn’t originally come from Pinterest, but from someone who guest-posted on my blog (after which I pinned her creation because it was just so easy and such a great idea). It’s a DIY Photo Candle! You can take your favorite image of mom, her kids or even a grandma with grandkids and create something extra special for her home.

Another great project came through my friend, Colleen. She decided to recreate these fabric flower pins for their moms for Mother’s Da.! You can also find some great ideas for kids to help with here and here. Something handmade always seems to have lasting impressions with moms. (Hint, hint to my husband!)

Mother’s Day is also usually a time when moms take a break in the kitchen. With that being said, the choices either include a meal made by dad or the kids or head out to breakfast/lunch/dinner elsewhere. I’m a huge fan of breakfast and any mom would probably love breakfast in bed! Here are a few of my favorite recipes to wow the mom in your life.

Double Flavor Muffins – Pumpkin and Chocolate got married. One of the best combos after chocolate and peanut butter.

Cinnamon Roll Pops – How cute are these?! The kids will have a blast making them and even more fun eating them.

Overnight Breakfast Casserole – Made in the crockpot, this breakfast casserole is delicious, ridiculously easy, and can be made while you sleep. Can you say heaven?

Egg Cups – The presentation is the star in this one. I have yet to try this recipe, but it’s definitely on my short list of recipes to try soon.

Breakfast Smoothie – If you’re feeling ambitious, whirl something around in the blender to go with all the yummy treats you prepare for breakfast.

Regardless of how you choose to honor your mom that day, remember this pin! How do you prefer to spend your Mother’s Day? I’d love to hear your ideas! Follow me on Pinterest here or Chicago Parent here.

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