Mother’s Day Picture Holder

In a little over a week, we’ll be celebrating the favorite moms and grandmoms in our lives (and hopefully, if you’re a mom, you’ll be celebrated too!). When I saw a recent pin my friend, Melissa, had finished, I knew I had to have her crafty gift featured here.

For Mother’s Day, Melissa created this adorable picture holder for her mom based on the original pin found here. Her simple and easy to follow directions can be found below:


  • Wooden plaque – .99 at Hobby Lobby
  • Spray paint for plaque – .99at Hobby Lobby
  • Acrylic paints for lettering – at Michaels (I used Martha Stewart pearl)
  • Paper flowers – .99at Hobby Lobby
  • Stained clothes pins – .99at Hobby Lobby
  • Satin finish polyurethane (I had this at home)
  • Hot glue gun (I had this at home)

When planning a project, always keep an eye out for coupons for both of these craft stores. This saves some money and makes your project even more “priceless.”


  1. Paint wooden plaque with spray paint. I gave it two coats for good coverage.
  2. Create wording (“Grandkids” and “make life special”) in Microsoft Word in desired font and size. Transfer wording to the plaque and paint it. (The tutorial for computer font transfer can be found in this pin.)
  3. Paint a coat of polyurethane on the front of the plaque.
  4. Use hot glue gun to affix a flower to each clothespin.
  5. Use hot glue gun to affix clothespins to the plaque.
  6. Use hot glue gun to affix three flowers to the plaque.

Thanks for sharing, Melissa!

I love this project because you can customize everything about it. Whether you decide to make this for Mother’s Day, as a gift for a friend, or as personalized home décor, you can change the colors to match and create a new saying to go with it. You also have the freedom to use odds and ends that you already have on hand to make this piece special (buttons, strings, ribbons, scrapbook paper). Another person asked how to incorporate many grandkids on one board and Melissa had a great suggestion to have a clip be for each family and create photo booth strips. Another option may be to designate a strip per family and hang decorative ribbon down, affixing pictures that way. The possibilities are endless!

What Mother’s Day projects have you been pinning lately? Come back next week for pins for a Mother’s Day breakfast or brunch that will have your mouth watering. In the meantime, you can follow me on Pinterest here or Chicago Parent here.

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