Crafty Mother’s Day gift ideas from Pinterest

One of my favorite times of year has to be Mother’s Day. With the heavily glued pictures and scribbled on crafts, it’s the perfect time for your little ones to show how much they love you. If you’re the one responsible for making gifts for another mother, why not use one of these pins to warm their heart and make their day? (Shh…I won’t be debuting ours on here in case the Grandmas are reading!)


Hand-shaped bouquet is simple to make with construction paper but turns out cute and shows the size they were that year. Growing up (and even now), my mom LOVED getting real flowers to plant in her garden. This coffee can vase is the perfect way to personalize something that also doubles as a great gift for her.

Get out those stamp pads and poise those little fingers – it’s flower stamping time! What about a personalized tote for her to carry all of her daily necessities? So easy to make that even dad could put it together after work one day!

This simple WOW MOM card is one of my favorites because it’s simple for kids to understand and easy to make.

Out of the Ordinary

If your little one is a mini-engineer, why not have him create mom a beautiful LEGO brick flower? For whatever reason, this one completely melts my heart thinking about them building a LEGO creation just for me!

Want mom to have a hug all the time? Check out this paper hug made from paper and traced hands. These personalized handprints glued to wood plaques are beautiful and involved dad in the process as well. I think this is something you easily leave up year round as part of your decor (and show how quickly they grow!) For Christmas, Charlie made a version of this “You are My Sunshine” canvas for his Momma (my mom). She loved it and he enjoyed painting and getting his hands messy!

The ideas for Mother’s Day are endless – from hand-written poems to misshapen paper crafts – it doesn’t matter whether your idea came from Pinterest or not, but rather if it came from the heart. As a mom now, I’m looking forward to the handmade goodness to forever cherish their littleness. It is a beautiful time of year to be reminded of just how much you are loved by those who mean the most to you.

Have an idea that you can’t wait to try for the mom in your life? Share with us on our page.

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