Motherhood at its sweetest

Up the stairs to see my twin boys off to La-La Land is my favorite time of the day. They lay so peacefully. How they have changed my life. I stand over them each night and thank God for my precious miracles. I marvel at their beauty, their breath in and out. They are filled with life.

I reach over to kiss their foreheads, as I have done each day from the day they were born. They might not move upon my kiss on their forehead or they might twitch or turn over, make a coo sound even. But tonight was all but life changing in a special second.

Dante and Ezra were sleeping in spoon position, arms wrapped around each other created from their bond from the womb. I kiss Dante and he sleeps soundly. Upon kissing Ezra, he awakes sleepily and says,"Thank you, Mommy.” I smile as an instant tear runs down my cheek. He then puckers his lips and says,"Give me a kiss, Mommy.”

I kiss him again and my heart melts right there in my chest, a warm feeling like butter melting on popcorn. It was encompassing. It was serene. It is being a mother. Is there anything sweeter?

Lisa Stukel, Brookfield

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