Motherhood with Attitude: Yakkety yak, do talk back

As moms, we hear all kinds of back talk, sass, sarcasm and general attitude from our sweet-cheeked little cherubs, and since we really can’t (and shouldn’t) dish it back, we might as well enjoy what we wish we could say with hilariously inappropriate (yet, oh so true) sentiments in the form of hilarious paper goodies from aptly named stationery e-tailer, Motherhood With Attitude.

Created by fast-talking mamas Janalee Chmel and Tiffany Hauber, MA! offers like-minded maternal types a series of witty magnets, snarky greeting cards – including free e-cards for the recession conscious – and clever notepads featuring nitty gritty, no holds barred photos options chock full of frustrating, messy, elating, happy, breathtaking, milestone-celebrating moments, from nitty gritty, no holds barred moms like you and me, with best of all, their real words of wisdom (think: “Welcome to Motherhood! Let the Guilt Begin”) printed on each one.

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