Homemade natural remedies for mosquito bites

Warmer, wetter weather means it’s time for the bugs to come out. With little ones who love to itch (and me too!), I’m constantly looking for ways to take the sting out of mosquito bites. After a recent evening conversation outside and bug spray that came too late, I discovered that I had suffered about eight mosquito bites on various spots of my body. I turned to Pinterest to find some natural remedies that I might have access to in my house. My typical way to “treat” my bites was to form an X with my fingernail (I know you’ve done this!)

When that doesn’t work, try one of these options:

1. Rub the area with the inside of a banana peel

Doesn’t this sound “a-peel-ing”? Apparently, in addition to being a morning snack, I can also utilize it to take the itching out of a mosquito bite. This remedy worked temporarily to relieve the itch, but it soon came back with a vengeance. And we ran out of bananas.

2. Apply apple cider vinegar to the area

This brought some relief and the fact that it dries quickly makes it great for children. The vinegar is quite strong though and the smell may dissuade your kids.

3. Cover with a slice of onion

Again, this temporarily took the sting away, but the remedy itself stinks. I also don’t think your children will let you put an onion on them for any significant length of time.

4. Baby shampoo

This remedy is perfect because you can simply dab it on and let it dry. It’s a perfect replacement to the messier remedies that don’t dry as quickly. Plus, it’s something your children are already use to seeing so less likely to reject it’s use.

5. Baking Soda Paste

The final method I tried was to create a paste out of baking soda and water. I did this and then applied it to my bites. I found that this method was easy to make, instantly took the itching sensation away, and kept it at bay for a longer period of time.

Some other suggestions include toothpaste, lemon/lime juice, dry bar of soap, rubbing alcohol, Vicks and Orajel. Have you tried one that works best for your family? Maybe next time I’ll try out this homemade mosquito repellent and avoid needing these remedies in the first place!

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