This month’s recalls for lead and more

Recall roundupRecent recalls include:

Children’s wood storage racks by Jetmax International are recalled because the racks can tip over, which can entrap and suffocate young children.

Football helmet chin straps by Nike Inc. are unsafe because the chin strap’s plastic cup can break as a result of contact, exposing the player to facial or head injuries.

Girls and boys bath robes by The Bon-Ton Department Stores Inc. pose a burn risk to children.

Youth ATVs by Baja Motorsports pose an injury risk to riders because the ATVs lack a tire pressure gauge and flag pole mounting bracket.

Snow and sand castle kits by Paricon Inc. can cut kids because the markers can break, creating sharp edges.

Flashing pacifiers by Sailing (U.S.) International Corp. can cause choking because the nipple can detach from the base.

Children’s hooded sweatshirts by The Bon-Ton Department Stores Inc. have drawstrings through the hood, which can strangle children.

Performance fleece-lined boys’ jackets by Old Navy have a waist drawstring, which poses an entrapment hazard.

Recent recalls for lead:

Wagons by Northern Tool& Equipment Co.

Dragster and funny car toys by International Sourcing Ltd.

Pull-back action toy cars by Dollar General Merchandising Inc.

Duck family collectable wind-up toys, Dizzy ducks music boxes, Winnie-the-Pooh spinning tops and collectable tin robots by Schylling Associates Inc.

Curious George plush dolls by Marvel Toys

Children’s fashion sunglasses by Children’s Fashion Sunglasses

Halloween-themed baskets by Hobby Lobby Stores Inc.

Rachel Rose and Distinctly Basics assorted metal jewelry by Family Dollar Stores

Shaving paint brushes by Discount School Supply

Crystal Innovations jewelry by Pure Allure

La Femme NY children’s necklace and earring sets by La Femme NY 2 Inc.

Children’s metal necklaces and bracelets by Colossal Jewelry& Accessories Inc.

Decorative stretchable aqua bracelets by Cherrydale Fundraising

Sparkle City charm bracelets and tack pin sets by Buy-Rite Designs Inc.

Children’s pencil pouches by Raymond Geddes& Co.

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