Four money savers for new moms

Your baby comes with a price tag: Raising a newborn costs you about $264,000. So we turned to The Krazy Coupon Lady, one of the most followed coupon blogs, for a few tips to shave off some of the costs.

1 Make your own wipes

I’m one of those strange moms who has never bought a pack of baby wipes. Why would I when I could make my own wipes in five minutes or less and they’re just as effective? I just moistened several small, thin washcloths (from a dollar store) or paper towels with a solution of water and a pinch of Ivory soap, folded and placed in an airtight container along with a small towel in my diaper bag.

2 Save on diapers

If you don’t go the cloth diaper route, you can find some of the most absorbent generic diapers at Dollar General, where you can get three mega packs of DG Baby Premium Diapers containing 52 diapers for babies 22 to 37 pounds for $30. That’s a little less than 20 cents per diaper. Dollar General offers free shipping on orders more than $25. According to several trusty mom sources, DG Baby diapers are better alternatives to Parent’s Choice from Walmart, although Parent’s Choice is a little cheaper at 15 cents per diaper.

3 Browse thredUP

thredUp connects moms who want to sell their baby’s and older kids’ clothes, toys, books and other belongings to other budget-conscious moms. You can search for items based on your child’s age and find boxes of goodies for just $9, plus $10.95 shipping. Each box usually contains more than 10 items, so you’re paying less than $2 for each item. Also, you’ll earn money if you sell your unwanted baby stuff.

4 Sign up to save

Creating a baby registry at either Target or Walmart will automatically get you a plethora of baby product samples and coupons. However, I found that enrolling in the baby clubs at my local grocery stores paid off big in coupons! Go to your local chain’s website or visit customer service to get an enrollment form.

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