Mommy Loves: Tres shabby chic

The accessories we lug along on outings and errands meant to keep baby’s bum fresh as a Frenchman aren’t particularly attractive.

Diapers are unassuming enough, but all those tubes of butt lotions and rash potions packed into already overstuffed bags isn’t exactly something you want to flash at the table, unless it’s of the changing variety.

Keep it all discreetly hidden in Mommy Loves‘ best-selling, soft-sided Tres Chic Baby Tote. The combination Parisian-themed shabby chic and so-crazy-it-works hot pink cheetah-print trim is fabulous – there’s a whole matching line of bags, bottle holders and bibs to choose from – and with all of its interior bottle pockets and matching changing pad, you’ll be so organized, no one will even guess you have extra-creamy nipple ointment lurking inside.

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