Miss Lori is one entertaining Chicago mom

For this month’s Mom of the Month, we reached out to Miss Lori, who is a nationally recognized entertainer, spokesperson and advocate. She performs more than 80 concerts a year in Chicago alone.

She is the mom of three, Skyler, 15, Kaiann, 12, and Jaedyn, 10.

Where do you find all of your energy and still keep smiling?

I come from the belief system that you live as though you don’t have a choice. I have children ask me all of the time at shows, ‘Miss Lori, do you smile all of the time?’ I tell them no, I’m a mother. I have bad days. A smile for me is power to inspire people, sometimes to inspire me, to trick me into having a better day.

Best advice you received as a mom?

I didn’t get any. … I think part of it is because everybody always assumed I knew what I was doing. I had them fooled. It’s funny because people ask me for advice all of the time. It’s really just been trial and error. I’ve made so many mistakes, every single day I go to sleep and say, ‘Wow, you really screwed that up. Let’s go back and try again tomorrow.’

What would your kids say about you?

Mommy works too much and Mommy does not have enough time to just hang. … They know in their heart of hearts if they need something done, mom will get it done. I like to think they know I will defend them, be there for them and that I’m a good human being.

Your most challenging moment was ….

The biggest challenge to me is to parent (each child) for the child that is in front of me, not for the child I knew myself to be. There’s no rule book for them. Ultimately if we can let go of that and just trust our instincts instead of trying to fix whatever our past was, we’ll do a lot better. At least that’s the notion I’m operating with at this juncture.

What room in your house would you be most embarrassed of if someone dropped by unannounced?

As soon as they cross the front door threshold! (She laughs a big laugh.) My house is “lived in” by small farm animals. It’s not the way I would like it to be at all. I have three kids and giant hairy dog, I don’t have a cleaning lady and my mother doesn’t visit enough. My house is an utter complete 3,000-square-foot wreck. So don’t come over!

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